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Specialized Centers

Health Promotion Center

The Health Promotion Center at Chonnam National University Hospital, which celebrated the 10thanniversary of itsestablishment in 2010, aims to promote early detection and diagnosis of adult diseases and stress-induced diseases and disorders that in turn lead to cancer as well as cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, which are reported to be the leading causes of death among Koreans(2011 Statistical Report on Leading Causes of Death issued by Statistics Korea). The ultimate objective of the center is to help people enjoy longevity in excellent health.
It offers health examination programs that have been developed by referring to the common causes of death among Koreans reported by Statistics Korea and cancer prevalence. The age-specific basic checkups focus on early detection of adult diseases that lead to cancer and cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, depression and dementia, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and lung cancer(low-dose chest CT). Added checkups include transrectal ultrasonography for males and bonemineral density test for females.