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Specialized Centers

Kidney Center

The Chonnam National University Hospital Kidney Center was incepted in 1980 when Prof. Kang Yeong-Jun, the then-head professor in the Department of Nephrology, began, as the first in the Jeonnam region, to provide renal replacement therapy with just one hemodialyzer.
Then, with the rising prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, glomerular disease, polycystic kidney and other chronic renal diseases due to Westernized diet and increased life span resulting from the rapid economic growth, the Kidney Center receives around 200 patients on a daily basis and performs about 30,000 cases of hemodialysis annually.
The Kidney Center has set up an efficient interdisciplinary system with related departments for the purpose of providing quality treatment and care to chronic and acute kidney disease patients. It is also equipped with 46 hemodialyzers that could be described as the world’s best [hemodiafiltration: 26 latest hemodialyzers from FMC, a German manufacturer, with an online HDF feature].
Not only that, the center provides individually customized hemodialysis to each patient, according to his/her condition and stage, in addition to treating and educating 200 patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis on a daily basis.
The Kidney Center will stay committed to promoting the health and happiness of dialysis patients and providing medical services of the finest quality with humility and the spirit of service.