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Mission & Vision

mission,vision,core value mission,vision,core value
  • MISSION(Reason for the Hospital’s Existence) : To contribute to the development of medicine and improvement of mankind’s health by providing the world’s best medical treatment, education, research, and dedicated services.
  • VISION(Mid- and long-term goal and future vision desired by the hospital employees) : A new smart hospital that suggests future medical standards
  • Core Value PRIDE(Shared value and desired concept of talent for employees to realize the vision) : Chonnam National University Hospital, leading global medical services and enjoying public recognition. Chonnam National University Hospital, where its employees are respected by the hospital and are proud of their job.
  • Professional : Warm-hearted professionals
  • Respectful : Respected talents
  • Innovative : Unrelenting innovation
  • publick Duty : Social responsibility
  • Even-handed : Trusted fairness