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Please click the building number to see the details of each building.


click the building number to see the details of each building.

① 1st Building
(Main Building)
② 2nd Building ③ 3rd Building
⑤ 5th Building ⑥ 6th Building ⑦ 7th Building
⑧ 8th Building
Emergency Medical Center
⑨ Administration Building
⑩ National Safe Hospital ⑪ Parking Lot 1 ⑫ Parking Lot 2
⑬ Chonnam National University Medical School ⑭ Student Union · Cafeteria ⑮ Taxi Stop

Building Guide

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Building Guide
1st Building
(Main Building)
Neurosurgery ㅣ Neurology ㅣ Orthopedic Surgery
Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine (Cardiocerebral Rehabilitation Center) ㅣ Nuclear Medicineㅣ Plastic Surgery
Urology ㅣ Internal Medicine ㅣ General Surgery ㅣ Obstetrics and Gynecology
Radiology (General Radiography Room /CT room)  ㅣ Phlebotomy Room ㅣ ElectroCardiogram Room
Referral Center ㅣ Medical Record ㆍImage CD Copy ㅣ Ward ㅣ Operation Room
2nd Building
Pain Clinic ㅣ Injection Room ㅣ Pulmonary Function Test Room ㅣ Cognitive Test Room
Bronchoscopy Room  ㅣ Psychiatry ㅣ Dermatology ㅣ Occupational and Environmental Medicine
3rd Building
MRI room ㅣ Ophthalmology ㅣ Otolaryngology ㅣ Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
6th Building
International Medical Center
Children’s Hospital Outpatient Clinics ㅣ Pediatric Ward ㅣ Health Promotion Center
Roof Garden, Christian Pastoral Care Room
7th Building
Heart Center ㅣ Echocardiography Room ㅣ  Cardiocerebrovascular Center
Cardiocerebral rehabilitation Center ㅣ Radiology (Ultrasonography/Bone Density room/ Intervention Room)
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery ㅣ  Gastroenterology Center(Endoscopy)  ㅣ  Kidney Center ㅣ Wards
8th Building
Emergency Medical Center ㅣ Emergency Radiology(General Radiology Imaging Room/ CT Room)
Cafeteria/ Food Court ㅣ  Wards ㅣ Operation Room