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Patient Rights & Obligations

Patient Rights

  • 1. Right to consultation
    Patients have the right to receive proper health care services for his/her health and health promotion regardless of gender, age, identity, cultural values, religious belief, and economic status etc.
    Medical personnel cannot refuse medical treatment without proper justification.
  • 2. Right to be informed and make own decisions
    Patients have the right to be fully explained by doctor, nurse, etc. and ask details regarding stage of disease, treatment options, possibility of being in a medical research study, possibility of receiving organ transplantation, potential effects and side effects, and cost of medical care.
    Patients also have the right to make his/her own decision.
  • 3. Right to confidentiality
    Patients have the right not to have his/her privacy invaded regarding consultation information related to physical or health Information.
    Medical personnel and medical institutions cannot disclose confidential information except when having consent from the patient or when legally necessary, such as for criminal investigation etc.
  • 4. Right to request for medical dispute counseling and mediation
    Patients have the right to request counseling and mediation from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, etc. in cases of dispute related to medical service.

Patient Responsibilities

  • 1. Responsibility to trust and respect for the medical personnel
    Patients have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about his/her health and medical history to the medical staff. Patients have the responsibility to trust and respect the medical staff’s treatment plan.
  • 2. Responsibility not to receive consultation in a dishonest manner
    Patients have the responsibility to disclose his/her identity before the consultation.
    Patients have the responsibility not to receive a consultation in someone else’s name etc. or in an unlawful manner.