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Patient Rights & Obligations

Patient Rights

Right to medical treatment
Patients have the right to receive appropriate healthcare services to protect and promote their own health, and are not infringed upon their health rights due to gender, age, religion, status or economic circumstances, and medical professionals can not refuse medical treatment without justifiable reasons.
Right to know and self-determination
Patients have the right to be fully explained regarding the disease status, treatment options, eligibility for medical research, eligibility for organ transplantation, expected outcome including side effects, and treatment costs from their doctors and nurses, and have the right to give consent or refuse.
Right to confidentiality
Patients have the right not to have their privacy violated or have their physical and health information divulged related to medical care, and medical professionals and medical institutions cannot disclose or announce confidential information except when they receive consent from the patient or when required by law for criminal investigations, for example.
Right to request consultation and mediation
Patients have the right to request consultation and mediation from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency in the event of a dispute related to medical services.
Right to receive medical services in a safe care environment
Patients have the right to receive medical services in a safe care environment in which health information is protected and patient safety is preserved.


Responsibility to trust and respect medical professionals
Patients must accurately inform their health-related information to healthcare providers, and trust and respect the healthcare providers’ treatment plans.
Responsibility not to receive medical care in a dishonest manner
Patients must disclose their identity before treatment, and must not receive treatment through false or fraudulent methods, such as receiving treatment in the name of another person.