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Guidelines on the use of personal information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, Chonnam National University Hospital provides the following guidelines before collecting personal information. Chonnam National University Hospital will use collected personal information for the following purposes. Information provided by users will not be used for any other purposes than what is shown below and if it need to be used for other purposes, the consent of the users will be obtained beforehand.
  1. 1) Purpose of collecting and using personal information
    to make appointments with doctors, to process civil affairs and requests
  2. 2) Items of personal information to collect and the method of collection
    essential items: name, gender, birth date, address, telephone numbers (fixed line, mobile), e-mail optional items: e-mail/SNS service (Even if the user do not mark on optional items, he/she will face no restrictions on the use of services.) The following information may automatically be created and collected while a person uses services or the services are provided by the Hospital (record of service use, access log, cookie, access IP)
  3. 3) Period of storing and using personal information
    Once the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is fulfilled, the personal information will be immediately destroyed.
    • membership subscription information: to be destroyed when the user withdraws membership or is expelled from membership.
    • information collected to provide medical service: to be stored for the period set forth in the Medical Service Act

    Even if the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information is fulfilled, the personal information may continue to be stored if it is deemed necessary as per related laws such as the Commercial Act.

  4. 4) Right of refusal / Limitations
    You may refuse the collection and use of selected personal information. In that case, you may still upload your posting on the web-site of the Hospital but your access to some of the services may be limited, such as changing dates. If you do not provide essential information, which is the minimum scope of information necessary for making appointments with doctors, you may not be able to make an appointment.

Agreement on the collection and use of sensitive information

Chonnam National University Hospital collects sensitive information, as follows, in order to provide better services for making appointments with doctors.

  • Item of information : symptoms of disease
  • Purpose of collection/use : to direct a patient to the right department befitting his/her symptoms
  • Period of storage and use : to be destroyed after an appointment is made
Right of refusal / Limitations
Customers have the right to refuse to provide sensitive information. In that case, it is impossible to make an appointment with a doctor.

* is essential point

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* Contact Number (In Korea)
Emergency Contact
* Private Insurance
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