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Voice of Customer

  • Chonnam National University Hospital

  • is listening to the customers' opinions in order to provide the best service to patients and their families, and reflects valuable opinions provided by each customer to improve our service.
  • We would like to gather feedback on the inconveniences or suggestions while you are in the hospital.

    The suggestions which don’t include any contact such as email address or phone number, may not be answered or could be deleted. (Ambiguous questions, profanity, advertising, etc.)

    We are doing our utmost to respond to questions or suggestions as soon as possible by email or phone for your convenience.

Operating hours

  • Mon.-Fri. : 9a.m. – 6p.m.

How to give your feedback

  • By phone : +82-62-220-5207
  • By visit : Department of legal support, 1st floor of administration office building
  • By post : Department of legal support
    Chonnam National University Hospital
    42 Jebong-ro, Dong-gu Gwangju 61469, Korea
  • By customer suggestion box :
    1st Building – 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th ~ 11th Floor
    2nd Building - 5th Floor
    3rd Building – 1st Floor
    6th Building – 1st, 6th Floor
    7th Building – 1st Floor
    8th Building – 6th ~ 9th, 11th Floor

How to deal with the feedback

  1. 1. Application
    voice of customer
  2. 2. Check
    Check the matters customer mentioned
    Find out the solution on the site
  3. 3. Response
    Respond rapidly and accurately by the relevant department
  4. 4. Reply
    Reply to the customer by e-mail or phone


  • Department of legal support is located on 1st floor, Administration Office Building