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Medical Dispute Resolution

Medical Dispute Resolution Medical Dispute Resolution
  • Begin Medical Dispute Claim
  • Details of treatment given by assigned doctor ing chargeIf explanation is not accepted, contact person in charge of medical disputes at extension 5207
  • Notification of process procedure after investigation by legal affairs department
  • Internal Procedure
    Proceed with medical fee reduction
    Proceed with medical accident compensation insurance procedure
  • Treatment department submits medical dispute arbitration application
    External Procedure
    Contact medical dispute mediation arbitrator / agency
    File damages claim(court)
  • Notification of Dispute Outcome
    Damage assessment outcome / Adjustment of decision / Decision
    Notification of indemnity(dependant on negligent / not negligent decision) / proceed with agreement process
  • Dispite ClosedHospital Medical Dispute Resolution Committee deliberates decision
For further information
Medical Korea Information Center : 1577-7129
Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency : 1670 - 2545