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  • question :How can I make an appointment?
    answer :

    You can make an appointment by internet, phone, or e-mail. Please make contact at least 2 days before your appointment to change or cancel it. Making an appointment on the day may not be possible and appointment regulation may vary by the departments.

    • Call : 1899-0000
      (Operating hours of Call Center : Mon. - Fri. 8:00am ~ 6:00pm / Sat. 9:00am ~ 1:00pm)
    • E-mail : imccnuh@gmail.com or imccnuh@cnuh.com

    Please refer to Outpatient Service for more information.

  • question :How can I change or cancel the appointment?
    answer :

    When the appointment has confirmed, you can change or cancel it by phone only (1899-0000 (Call center)). If you need language assistance, please contact International Medical Center.
    Please refer to Contact Us for more information.

  • question :What are your operating hours?
    answer :

    Consultation Hours : 8:30am– 5:30pm (Mon. – Fri.)
    In case of medical emergency, go to our Emergency Medical Center which is open 24/7.

  • question :Is it necessary to bring a referral paper for the consultation?
    answer :

    According to the National Health Insurance Act, patients under the Korean National Health Insurance are required to visit primary or secondary level hospital and take and bring a medical referral paper to make the appointment at a tertiary level hospital like Chonnam National University Hospital.
    Only the patients for the care below can see a doctor without referral paper.

    • Childbirth, Emergency care, Hemophiliac disease, Dental care
    • Rehabilitation treatment such as occupational therapy or exercise therapy, etc. for the disabled.

    Please bring the medical records from the primary or secondary level hospital, if you have (E.g. Result of examinations, image CD, or image reading documents, etc.)

  • question :Do the doctors speak in English?
    answer :

    Yes. Most of them speak in English.

  • question :How can I get a prescription for a medication refill?
    answer :

    To refill your prescription, you need to see a doctor. Please bring your previous prescription or let us know the name of your medicine. We will arrange an appointment for you after check with related department of the medicine.

  • question :How to get medical records issued?
    answer :

    Please refer to the ‘Medical Records' of Issuance service for more information.

  • question :How to get medical certificates issued?
    answer :

    Please refer to the ‘Medical Certificate’ of Issuance service for more information

  • question :How do I make a payment?
    answer :

    Where to pay
    Outpatients can pay at the patients affairs desk near you.
    Inpatients can pay at the patients affairs desk, located on the 1st floor, 1st building.
    After the operating hour (8:30~17:30), please use the patient affairs desk in front of emergency center, 1st floor, 8th building.
    How to pay
    You can pay with the cash (KRW) or credit card (Visa and Master, etc.).

  • question :Can I use my private health insurance?
    answer :

    Chonnam National University Hospital has been cooperating with International SOS and Global Assistance Partners(GAP). If your insurance company is under contract to the Agencies(assistance companies) mentioned above, please contact your insurance company for a GOP(Guarantee of Payment) letter prior to make an appointment at CNUH.
    Please refer to ‘Payment’ of International Medical Center for more information.

  • question :Can I receive my receipt in English to apply for tax rebate?
    answer :

    Chonnam National University Hospital submits the medical expenses data directly to the National Tax Service as reference for the income tax deduction. You may find your information at National Tax Service homepage and don’t need to get the data issued separately.
    You can get an English receipt issued at patient affairs desk by visit in person, if needed.

  • question :How much is the parking rate?
    answer :

    Please refer to the ‘Parking Guide’ of Location & Direction for more information.

  • question :Where is International Medical Center located?
    answer :

    International Medical Center is on the 1st Floor, Children’s Hospital(6th Building) of Chonnam National University Hospital.
    We open from 9AM to 6PM on Weekdays.