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Admission/ Discharge

Admission Process

Determination of Admission
Doctor determines on admission of the patient after consultation in outpatient clinic.
Patient receives explanation from the staff of the department and undergo required tests before the admission.
On the day of admission
Patient fills out the hospitalization consent form at the patient affairs desk with ID card (Alien Registration Card or Passport) and Korean National Health Insurance Card (only those who have it).
Patient goes to the nurse station of assigned ward and is guided to the allocated room.
What to bring
  • Personal items : toiletries, towels, tissues, cup, slippers, etc.
  • Assistive items : eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, etc.

※ Bedding(blanket, pillow) is offered to the patients only.

During the hospitalization
One guardian should be present with the patient at all times during hospitalization.
Do not keep valuables and cash in the patient room.
The entire hospital building is a non-smoking area.
All visitors should be comply with the visitors policy.
Please refer to the 'Inpatient Guide' for more information about visitors policy and guidelines for inpatient.

Discharge Process

Notice of Discharge
Doctor gives a notice of discharge of the patient.
Patient requests medical record and medical certificate before 2~3 days of discharge from the nurse or doctor, if it is needed.
On the day of discharge
Patient makes a payment at the patient affairs desk with the discharge notification.
Staff of the ward arranges the next outpatient clinic appointment, if the patient need to visit after discharge.
Patient receives medical records and medical certificate from medical record ㆍimage CD copy desk or patient affairs desk.
Please refer to the ‘Issuance Service’ for more information.
Receive medications and return to home
Patient receives medication for after discharge at the ward.
If the patient needs an ambulance service after discharge, please request the service from the nurse of the ward. (Extra cost will be charged)