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Inpatient Guide

Visitors Policy

  • In order to provide a safe and restful environment for patients and prevent infection, please comply with the visiting hours.
  • Visitors should write their names in the visitor's book kept in information desk or patient’s room which may need for epidemiological investigation in the emergency case.
  • Up to two visitors per patient are allowed at the designated time.
  • Please wash your hands before/after visit the patients and comply with coughing etiquette.
  • Flowers, plants, pets, and food from outside are prohibited to bring into the hospital.
  • Please give the regards through SNS, text message, or call rather than visiting.
  • Restricted Visitors
    • Anyone has a respiratory disease such as cold or flu.
    • Anyone has skin lesions.
    • Anyone has an acute gastrointestinal infection(diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, etc.).
    • Anyone has recently had contact with a person with infectious disease or has an contagious disease.
    • Anyone has to be cautious or need self protection(pregnant woman, elderly over 70, children under 12, those who have weak immune function due to continual treatment like chemotherapy).
    • Group visits such as close friends, relatives, alumni association, religious group, etc.

Visiting hours

General Wards

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Visiting Hours
General Wards Weekday 18:00~20:00
Weekend/ Holiday 10:00~12:00, 18:00~20:00

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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Visiting Hours
Medical ICU Everyday 13:30~14:00
Coronary Care Unit
Surgical ICU
Trauma ICU
Pediatric ICU
Stroke Care Unit Everyday 18:00~18:30
Neuroscience Critical Care Unit Everyday 18:30~19:00
Neonatal ICU Everyday 19:30~20:00
Neurosurgery ICU
Emergency ICU

Inpatient Guidelines

  • Meal Time : Breakfast at 8am, Lunch at 12:30pm, Dinner at 6pm.
  • Rounding Hours : 9am~12pm (may vary by department)
  • Phone Info : The phone placed in the room is only for incoming calls.
  • Convenient facilities
    • Bedding (blanket, pillow) is offered to the patients only.
    • Public Restroom : 1st & 8th Building - end of hallway
      2nd & 7th Building - middle of hallway
    • Shower Room : Opposite side of public restroom
      (Available time : 6am~9am, 12pm~2pm, 6pm-8pm)
    • Shared kitchen : 1st Building – next to ladies restroom
      5th floor of 2nd building - middle of hallway
      7th Building - middle of hallway
      8th building – end of hallway
    • Please refer to the ‘Convenient Facilities’ for more convenient facilities of the hospital.
  • Emergency Call Button
    • Patient room : Press the call button placed at the bedside to connect to the nurse station.
    • Restroom : Press the call button in emergency situation.
    • Shower room : Pull the call cord in emergency situation.
  • Anti-theft Prevention : DO NOT leave your cash or valuables in the patients room.
    (Please lock the drawer by key when you leave the room for the examination or surgery.)
  • Medical Waste : Please dispose used cotton alcohol pads, bloody gauze, and diaper into medical waste container.
  • Fall Prevention : Please raise bed rails for safety.
    (A guardian should be present with the patient at all times during the hospitalization.)
  • If you feel any pain, please notify the assigned nurse or doctor and express the degree, location, characteristics, and frequency of the pain.
  • If you need to leave the ward for taking a walk or going out, you should notify the nurse station where you are going and get your doctor's consent. According to the doctor's decision, it could be rejected.
    (Please be reminded that the hospital will not be responsible for anything that happens while you go out without permission.)
  • Fire Safety Precaution
    • Using the heating devices such as electric heater or portable gas stove is strictly prohibited due to risk of fire.
    • Fire extinguisher is equipped at nurse stations, hallway of the ward, and 6 person rooms.
    • Fire hose station is located at hallway of the ward, rest areas, and public restrooms.
  • Ward Map Layout and Emergency Evacuation Plan :
    1st building – rest area
    2nd building – next to the elevator
    7th · 8th building – in front of the elevator
  • The entire hospital including outside area is under the stringent no-smoking policy.
  • Violence or threat against medical personnel, damage to property, obstruction to medical practice, etc. will be severely punished according to the relevant law.
    (Revised Medical Service Act Article 12 Section 3, Emergency Medical Service Act Article 12)
  • Please refer to the 'Parking Guide' for more information about parking.