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Specialized Centers

Cardio-cerebrovascular center

Chonnam National University Hospital Cardio-Cerebrovascular Center has been established for the purpose of offering around-the-clock treatment and care for patients in the Gwangju-Jeonnam area suffering from acute cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart disease and stroke and handling various aspects of medical care for cardiovascular diseases including treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, management and research.
The Cardio-Cerebrovascular Center is composed of four specialized centers: Cardiovascular Center, Cerebrovascular Center, Heart and Brain Rehabilitation Center, and Prevention and Management Center. The sub-centers closely collaborate with one another as well as various other organizations and medical institutions in the region to run a comprehensive cardio-cerebrovascular center in the country.
In the past, it took quite a long time for patients with acute cardio-cerebrovascular disease to receive the medical treatment they needed after being transferred to the emergency room. However, with the establishment of the Chonnam National University Hospital Cardio-Cerebrovascular Center, patients arrive at the hospital within 2 hours and receive prompt and intensive treatment within 3 hours.
Chonnam National University Hospital, which has achieved remarkable results in relation to treatment and research by operating specialized medical centers such as cardiac centers and stroke centers, is playing an important role as a leading medical institution in the Gwangju and Jeonnam area.